10 Best Stunning Beaches in Maldives

Traveling might be complicated right now, but the picture-perfect Maldives is quite an inspiration for your next vacation. You will see the most transparent and colorful sea here.

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives comprises almost 1200 islands. With serene, pearl white, and long beaches, Maldives is indeed the heaven of South Asia.

With so many beautiful beaches, water huts, and delicious cuisine, you will surely fall in love with the Maldive. This nation of islands is undoubtedly worth visiting for its vibrant culture and best Beaches.


Before diving into details of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives, Let’s have a look at things you should Know.

How many beaches are there in the Maldives?

With precisely 1192 islands, the Maldives has a lot of beaches. Typical every island is comprised of “four main beaches,” i.e., Public Beach, Bikini Beach, Water-Sport Beach, and Coral Beach.

If you visit a new beach every day, It will take 3.7 years or 40 months for anyone to explore every coast in the Maldives. 

Is there any Glowing Beach in the Maldives?.

The Maldives is not only blessed by beautiful beaches, but It also has some natural wonders. The coastline along the “Mudhdoo island” glows at night. 

This glow-in-dark happens due to natural phenomena known as “bioluminescence.” Living organisms emit this glow.

Can you swim on Maldives beach?

Absolutely yes, you can swim in the Maldives. With an average 30 degrees temperature, the water is cozy and comfortable for around a year.

According to the report issued by “The Telegraph U.K.,” FCO (Foreign Office U.K.) warns that the sea around the Maldives can have a strong tidal current. So enjoy your swimming but consider safety first.

Now, let’s decide which island is perfect and has more dazzling beaches because the Maldives is all about beaches, reefs, and long beach walks!

9 Best Beaches in the Maldives

1. Cocoa Island beaches – Best for serene views.

Cocoa island is the home of a luxurious COMO Cocoa island resort. It has some of the best views in the Maldives, with crystal clear water and sugar-sand beaches.

Locally known as Makunufushi, this beautiful island also offers a scuba diving facility. When it comes to privacy, the Como Cocoa resort is also second to none.

From whale shark expedition to U.V. nights by the best resort in the Maldives, you’ll have the time of your life here. The COMO Cocoa has 34 water villas for you to stay.


2. Landaa Giraavaru Beach – It just feels like HOME.

Landaa Giraavaru is one of the most coveted private islands. The azure water that feels exotic and the natural conversation makes it a wellness center more than an island.

Lose yourself and get lost in the mystic view of beaches here. Do a mental exercise to decide whether the water’s color is azure, blue, green, or turquoise.

Is there any Four Season Hotel in the Maldives?.

Yes, Just on the shore of Landaa Giraavaru private island, you can stay at Four Season Hotel of Maldives and explore the wonders and wildness of nature.

3. Baros – Home of coral reefs and infamous huts.

Baros is the best part of Maldives. It is just a 25-minute ride away from an international airport. Baros is undoubtedly a heavenly place that seems like out of the World.

The beaches of Baros island are pristine, magical, and mystic. I am lost in this wonderland while enjoying sunset here. Enjoy the insane colors of sunset and have a conversion with stars at night – BEACHWALK.

You might have seen infamous bamboo resorts and symmetrically aligned vills of Maldives; that’s the Baros Maldives for you – the only resort on this island. 

Baros is just like Bora Bora but in the heart of the Indian Ocean. 

4. Reethi Rah – The one and only.

Reethi rah is an island with its time zone and some of the most secluded beaches in the Maldives. It is an hour ahead of the Male time zone.

A Maldives holiday doesn’t have to be laid back and enjoy cocktails all day. On Reethi Faru Beach, you can enjoy flyboarding, catamaran sailing, or flying a kite. On this beach, you can see turtles and sharks too.

Tired after having fun the whole day?. Enjoy the local seafood available on the beach or check in to One&Only Reethi Rah resort and enjoy the Worldclass Maldives.


5. Veligandu Island Beaches – Your own private Beach.

Veligandu island beach is the most desirable place in the Maldives. Soft sand and beach stretching as far as eyes can see. Veligandu is the perfect place for couples or lovebirds.

The beach here is open to the guests of Veligandu Island Resort and spa only. This island has an adult-only policy which makes it perfect for lovebirds on board.

Veligandu Island Maldives has won the title of the World’s beach of 2021. Enjoy the barefoot comfort on a crystal clear island which is just 20 minutes away by seaplane from Male airport.

6. Thulusdhoo Island Beaches – Surfing Heaven.

Thulusdhoo island is the most pocket-friendly place in the Maldives. Unlike the rest of the islands, it has a fair population and cheap hotels and resorts.

Enjoy the sunbathing, surfing, and volleyball match on the beach here. It is one of the few places where you can enjoy authentic Maldivian culture and outstanding Maldivian cuisine.

Explore the local culture, buy the cheap Maldivian household item from local vendors, or swing by the sea – Thulusdhoo beach indeed has everything for everyone.

7. Nika island – Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Nika island beaches are all about sun, love, and romance with nature. These private beaches are located at North Ari Atoll. This island is the perfect escape from the city life of Maldives.

Enjoy eating at Jahaz, SeaLaVie Cafe, and Jing cafe. This private beach in the Maldives has a lot of food, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

This beautiful island with green beaches is a little expensive as it is a private island. Your extra money is worth it as this spot is perfect for nature admires and adventurous things.


8. Hulhumale Island – Man-made Marvell.

Halhumale beaches offer you a well-mixed combination of nature and westernization. While walking on the beach, you can grab your brunch or buy local clothes and handmade items.

With your toes in the sand, spend your day surfing and diving and enjoy the nights dancing to music played by the local bands on the beach.

At a glance, This island resembles NYC central park as this place is buzzing with greenery and shops. You can enjoy yourself according to your budget here while loving the beach.

9. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – Keeping up with Kardashians.

Want to enjoy your vacations at full pace? Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the perfect palace for you. Have a lifetime experience, with a starry night view in ritzy style.

This island has Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort which has its own “two private beaches.” This resort was also chosen by Kardashians while staying in the Maldives.

Sand beaches, sea life, and nature wildness await here. With so many dining options and amazing private villa are just more cherries on top.

  • How are the beaches of Maldives kept clean?

Maldives Beaches are clean and vibrant. These Beaches are kept clean by the government-supervised offices and local communities. 

The Ministry of Environment has placed a Ban on single used plastic from 02 June 2021 under the “Single-Use Plastic Phase-out Plan 2020-2023” to protect the environment and keep the ocean clean.

  • Is the Maldives safe?.

Overall the Maldives is a safe country. The crime and incarceration rates are pretty low here. The U.S. has placed it on Lavel:4 – Do not travel due to covid-19 outbreak and prevention.

According to UNWTO official stats, despite the environmental and health crises issues, The Maldives welcomed a total of 555,494 international tourists only in 2020. 

  • Is the Maldives expensive?.

Generally, the expenses depend on tourists, but the Maldives is pretty expensive compared to other vacation destinations. The prices of resorts and private villas are incredibly high.

Food prices are also high, but its quality is also top-notch. Typically, travelers spend $62 on meals and $120 on transportation per day. You are most likely to spend $200 to $250 a day while staying here.

Now, let’s decide which island is perfect and has more dazzling beaches because the Maldives is all about beaches, reefs, and long beach walks!


All the best Beaches are in the Maldives for sure. If you visualize yourself having the tropical experience in Asia, then Welcome to Maldives – a land with mesmerizing beaches and vibrant culture with open arms.

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